Our Adult League team scrimmages on Saturday mornings and plays games on Sunday nights. If you'd like to join and there's space available, please sign-up below.

The Gist:
A team for all our parents and coaches
The Games:
We'll play Sundays at a time scheduled between 6pm-9pm
The Seasons:
Spring (Mar-Jun), Summer (Jul-Oct), Winter (Nov-Feb)
The Schedule:
Visit sportaxis.com/bballleague to see our schedule, once available
The Competition:
We play in both the top division and in the bottom division
The Spot:
Sport Axis (2400 Industrial Lane, Broomfield)
The Extra:
Click here to view our Open Gym schedule, and click here to subscribe
Team Motto: "Don't forget we're old now. Let's not get hurt."
Join the team by paying $40 initially, and then $40 each subsequent year
Contact jon@50allstars.com to cancel your recurring payment if you ever want off the team
If/once all spots are taken, in lieu of a waitlist, we'll email all members in the event of a cancellation
We're doing this to bond, stay in-shape, and to learn plays to assist your kids
You'll receive a $50 jersey at no charge, but extra may be purchased later
We'll use our Saturday Open Gyms to prepare for our Sunday League Games
Feel free to take as much time off as you'd like, any time throughout the year
We communicate via text and email
Only 14 players max so we never have too many and so we can easily cover for players who can't regularly show
SPRING 2015 (D1) 2016 (D1) 2017 (D1)
There are 5 spots available
Jon Sanders
Bryson Sharpley
Michael Assante
Jason Gordon
David Cordutsky
Andrew Ullman
Shane Lovelady
Monty Dickson
Cane Stubblefield
:: empty ::
:: empty ::
:: empty ::
:: empty ::
:: empty ::
:: only 14 players allowed per team ::
SUMMER 2016 (D1) 2018 (D3) 2019 (D1)
There are 1 spots available
Jeremy Hoelscher
Mark Guerra
Joseph Blodgett
Mike Vyles
Cameron Rosen
Husayn Abdullah-Aziz
Dylan Besteiro
Ali Schultz
Karon King
Ali Schultz
Husayn Abdullah-Aziz
Steven Gallegos
Emmanuel Sanders
:: empty ::
:: only 14 players allowed per team ::
WINTER 2014 (D2) 2015 (D1) 2016 (D1) 2017 (D4) 2019 (D1) 2019 (D4)